Its not the filler, but the physician that is administering the filler that makes the difference. Tattoo Removal


Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tatto Removal Before and AfterIf you have a tattoo that you would like to get rid of, laser tattoo removal may be the solution for you. Recent laser technology has drastically improved the results from tattoo removal procedures. Remove embarrassing tattoos completely or with minor residual effects. With a few treatments, clients can be permanently rid of tattoos that may span large portions of the body, or tattoos that employ dark ink. Even permanent make-up tattoos can disappear. Side effects may include minor scaring or infection.

We employ the Palomar laser tattoo removal system for the most effective tattoo removal results. In the past, removing a tattoo could be a painful ordeal that left obvious scarring and was more prone to infection that with today’s technology. Because the Palomar system can focus in on the colors of tattoo ink and design, the skin around the tattoo is not affected by the procedure and thus side effects are less likely.

The Palomar system can be adjusted for large or small tattoos and for any ink color. Customers are reporting much higher levels of appreciation for new procedures that are less intense and take place with less appointments than in the past, saving clients money.

Palomar Tattoo Removal offers the following benefits:
• Proven tattoo removal treatment
• No surgery required. Outpatient visits only.
• Less time at the clinic and shorter visits
• Less chance of scars or infections
• More precise laser system to focus on specific sizes and inks
• Decreased exposure for surrounding skin which reduces the chances of scarring
• Works on most skin types